Children's Innovation Center offers a wide range of after-school programs and services

K-6 After School Program

 We offer after-school care which includes lunch/snacks/drinks, enrichment activities focusing on holistic child development and skills building for the 21st century, homework help, and FREE subscription to online self-learning computer science and programming courses.

Homework Help & Tutoring

Get help from credential and experienced teachers - for any subjects and grade levels - including AP Subjects

K-6   -   Grades 7-8   -   Grades 9-12

Computer Science & Programming

Emerging Coders Program

In-person year-round project-based program designed to build proficiency in Software Programming/Coding.

Ages 8 to 18

Online Computer Science & Programming Courses

Online self-paced autonomous learning, with live-support for students.

Ages 8 to 18

Emerging Innovators Program

Emerging Innovators Program

Emerging Innovators is an after-school research program that focuses on equipping Middle/High School students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop and design Human-Centric Solutions and write their "ideal" conceptual solutions in the form of a university level Research Article.