Camps and In-person Computer Science & Programming Courses


Emerging Coders Program

In-person year-round project-based program designed to build proficiency in Software Programming/Coding.

Ages 9 to 18

Computer Science & Coding Camps

We offer several computer science and coding camps during school breaks in Summer / Spring / Winter breaks

Emerging Coders Program: formulated with the needs of the 21st century for students ages 9 to 18

  1. Students learn in small groups or 2:1 or 1:1 with a teacher to pursue their software skills development.
  2. Project-based software programming/coding courses to build proficiency in developing software solutions using Python, Java, JavaScript, Mobile App Development, Web Development, C++, AI/ML, Data Science, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, and much more...
  3. Mentoring provided for students participating in Hackathons and Competitions
  4. Ongoing program during school year with long-term goals for the student
  5. After-school and weekend schedules