The course is now ready for the Fall 2024 Freshman application preparation (2023-2024)!

College Essay Writing Course

(Includes Activities reporting and other sections of the application preparation)

ONLINE - ASYNCHRONOUS - with guided instructions for all templates provided

CommonApp and UC application preparation


This College Essay Writing workshop is designed to help students write successful college essays for both CommonApp and UC applications. The workshop takes a unique comprehensive and practical approach aimed at minimizing ambiguity and confusion in the writing process.

It provides real-examples and hands-on approaches that will help you apply the concepts learned in the course to your work immediately.

It saves a lot of time and helps students with an effective ideation process, which would result in a very high quality first draft.

Students will be using the templates provided along with the guidance provided in the lectures. By following this method and working along with the lecture lessons, students can gain maximum benefit and write a nuanced, clear, and authentic representation of themselves and their achievements.

With the guidance of our experienced instructor, students will learn how to craft a compelling essay that highlights their unique character and how they are a perfect match for their university of choice.

Enroll now to get a strong start on your college application and increase your chances of getting accepted!

This course also offers guidance on all other parts of the application, such as the activities / awards reporting, major selections, etc.

COST: $399 - The canvas code with login instructions will be emailed to you after the registration.

Instructor & Independent College Counselor:

Shanti Balaraman
President & CEO, Children’s Innovation Center
President, Stanford University Chapter of Sigma-Xi-The Scientific Research Honor Society


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