SAT Test Prep

6-weeks in-person course


ACT Test Prep

6-weeks in-person course


SAT II Biology E/M

6-weeks in-person course


AP Computer Science

10-weeks course



College Test-Prep Courses: 

For the SAT and ACT test prep courses we are partnering with Xceptional Prep who is headquartered in Sacramento and they operate in 27 locations across the country. They have more than 16 years of experience in test preparations.

They have great reviews which is why we are bringing them to our facility, so the students in the Tri-City area would have this high-quality preparation at an affordable cost.

Here are some testimonials/reviews you could read online: 

SAT student Reviews:

ACT Student Reviews:

More reviews on Judy’s book:

The 8 Best In-Person ACT Prep Programs:

We offer private 1:1 College Planning Service:

The college planning session helps students to utilize the high-school years effectively and align their time and efforts with their passion and career aspirations.

The best time to have this plan created is in the 9th grade. But, we are here to help even if you missed it in 9th grade.

Students who have used this plan have found the later college applications process to be less stressful and felt well prepared.

College Planning Service Deliverable:
We will provide a spreadsheet with the full plan from academics to extracurricular activities, covering all aspects needed for the college applications process.

Our Planning Process:

  1. Family meeting with parents and student
  2. Identifying student’s passion, strengths, and career aspirations
  3. Mapping to academic goals, personal and skills development

***FREE First Consultation***

It takes a minimum of 3 to 4 hours for the process. We charge a low fees of $75/hour. You can schedule any ongoing as-needed consultations after the planning has been completed at the hourly rate.

Our suggested pathway:

  1. College Planning Service - to help with the preparations from 9th grade onward
  2. College Admissions Counselling -  to help step-by-step through the college applications process


We offer private 1:1 College Admissions Counselling:

Our packages offers 1:1 college admissions assistance and will take your student step-by-step through the admissions process, offering personalized guidance, which includes:

  • Resume Writing
  • Offer guidance to students for obtaining Letters of Recommendations from teachers and counselor
  • Create a customized college list of recommended “best fit” colleges
  • Brainstorm essay topics selection
  • Editing essays multiple times via emails, till the essays are polished and ready to use
  • Admissions Interview prep
  • Application review before submission are done remotely

Student 1:1 meetings are scheduled as follows:

  • April-May: Meet once a month to understand student's academic interests in major and extra curricular
  • June: Meet twice a month to brainstorm essay ideas, topics
  • July-January: meeting once a month + one phone consultation per month till apps are done.
  • March-April: meet once a month to finalize college selection

College Admissions Counselling - Package One

UCs + CSUs


(Fees to be paid in full upfront-no exceptions)

College Admissions Counselling - Package Two

UCs + CSUs + up to 3 colleges either Common App or Coalition App


(Fees to be paid in full upfront-no exceptions)

College Admissions Counselling - Package Three

UCs + CSUs + up to 5 colleges either Common App or Coalition App


(Fees to be paid in full upfront-no exceptions)


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