Computer Science Camps

Camp-Course Details

Each Course is for one week - Monday to Friday 9 AM to 3 PM - Extended Care available from 3 PM to 6 PM.


We introduce technology concepts using SCRATCH and Python for second grade and up and strive to build love for the programming language. We believe technology education expands creativity and emphasizes logical reasoning. We have created a pathway to progress to next levels based on individual abilities. We create a strong foundation and help the kids practice coding through fun projects.

Note: This camp will teach basics or advanced coding depending on the level of every student. 

3D Modelling and Printing:

This course will teach students the basics of 3D modeling and printing, converting images to 3D models, and critical basic concepts in Slash and/or Blender.

The course will uncover the core processes behind 3D printing and reveal one of the most powerful capabilities of the 3D printing revolution-that is accessible to anyone.

  • Part 1: Intro to 3D Modeling and 3D Printing
  • Part 2: Digitizing your Design in Slash
  • Part 3: Preparing and Exporting a 3D Model
  • Part 4: Design Tips for Blender and Slash
  • Part 5: Designing your 3D Model in Blender and slash
  • Part 6: Uploading Your Design, get ready to print.

Mobile App Development Camp:

Learn to build an iPhone and Android application!

You will learn the tools and skills needed to design, create, and publish mobile-apps.

Courses are designed carefully to teach kids of all level of skills and navigate from novice level to expert level.

Robotics Camp:

Offering the tools to inspire the problem solvers of tomorrow.

During this week, kids will jump into robotics, programming logic, & structural design with VEX. The kids will learn to write programs, use them, test them. Students will build a strong foundation of coding & robotics skills for their tech future. They are taught engineering basics with an emphasis on exploration & trial & error field testing. There is an option for the student to buy a robotics kit from us too. It is an absolute fun week!

Minecraft Madness:

 Minecraft provides considerable educational value, with skills such as teamwork, creativity, spatial reasoning and, most importantly, building. Students learn Basic to Intermediate design principles, such as depth, color balance and architecture, to help improve their builds in Minecraft and also attain real-world skills. Students will exercise their creativity by participating in individual and group challenges and they will learn to download and apply their own Minecraft mods!

Entrepreneurship Camp:

In this camp we equip young people with the values and vision to pursue their dreams. We strive to change the mindsets of young people, so they believe in themselves and what they can accomplish. Our experiential education model instills entrepreneurial and economic principles built for prosperity.

We inspire students to overcome barriers and seize opportunities for good in the technology field.


April 22 to 26, 2019


Every week from June 03 to August 16