This presentation gives an overview of our current programs and services . If you are unable to attend our in-person information sessions, this would help you with the overview. Please listen and reach us directly with any questions.

STEAM - Transformative Education Courses

These courses are taught using the Transformative Education Framework. 

Level 1: Foundational Courses:

It focuses on building systems and design thinking, research, professional skills, and disruptive thinking.

  • Digital Storytelling 
  • Analytical Writing 
  • Public Speaking & Communications
  • Naturalist Designer

Level 2: STEM-Plus: Learning to be an Innovator - Advanced Course

It focuses on learning Sustainable Innovation methodology, and prepares students on the path to make their own scientific and engineering discoveries. Students apply the new methodologies to create sustainable solutions to the problems we are facing today.

prerequisite: Students must complete at least two foundational courses.

College-Prep: Test Preps, Counselling and Admissions

We offer year-round college-prep services.

SAT / ACT Test Prep:

6 weeks courses offered year-round before the exam dates

SAT II Subjects:

Content Learning Courses focuses on teaching based on the college-board curriculum. 

Boot-camps are focused on test preparation and strategies.

  • SAT II Biology E/M

AP courses:

Prepares for the AP curriculum exams

  • AP Computer Science

College Counselling and Applications Services:

Private and group services are available

Computer Science & Engineering Programs

We offer interdisciplinary courses as well as computer coding courses:

STEM Courses:

The focus is on combining Science, Engineering and Technology. These courses offer an interdisciplinary learning experience.

Coding Academy:

Students select courses from the catalog to pursue their software skills development. 

Students will progress to create real-time software solutions with the guidance of mentors/trainers.

Students have the opportunity to place their applications on SwatStore Marketplace, that caters to real-world customers.


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Biological Science and Biotechnolgy Courses

Fostering the natural curiosity to investigate!

Samples of Students projects from STEAM Transformative Education Framework

Proceed to be inspired...

Our courses are structured to offer experiential and project-based learning with focus on social responsibility.
Our courses are customized for the age groups – Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School students

Our courses incorporate technology based activities along with many opportunities to develop students' professional skills such as, critical thinking, collaboration, strategic planning, presentation, and logical thinking.

Youth Leadership Program

Exclusive Youth Leadership Program for students of Children's Innovation Center who have met the prerequisites.

We tailor and individualize the program to help build the story for your college and career path.


Cyber Security Awareness - Seminar

This seminar provides an overview of the threats in the Cyber Space, types of cyber-attacks, risks, and mitigations. Content appropriate for K-12 students.

Aimed at equipping students with the ability to distinguish dangers and make safer choices, promote responsibility and good citizenship in Cyber Space.

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