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Description: Emerging Innovators is a one year after-school program that focuses on equipping High School students with the skills needed to develop Human-Centric Solutions Designs and write their solutions in the form of a university level Research Article.

(Note: This program over the summer would have different format, such as 5 weeks full-day camps, Mon to Fri from 9 AM to 3 PM.)

Timeframe & Fees: Students will meet once per week for 3 hours after-school.

  • 26 weeks x3 hours (Two semesters)= 78 instructor-led class hours 
  • Tuition Fees: $1950 per student for the whole year or 5 weeks Summer session
  • No Homework. All work will be done in the class.


  • Students learn and practice "Whole System Design Thinking" which is a skill that could be mentioned in their resume
  • The published Research Article could also be mentioned under “Publications” section of the resume
  • Students Research Article could count towards their High-School Senior Research Project
  • The published Research Article could be mentioned in their college applications especially it adds weight for Science, Engineering, and Business majors
  • The Instructor, who is also a STEM/Research mentor, could give additional letter of recommendation in the college application.
  • Students could present their Research Article in various conferences and events, and even participate in design challenges such as the Global Youth Design Challenge
  • Builds various soft skills as students go through this program
  • Students who wish to pursue further, are eligible to join our Youth Leadership Program that would offer leadership coaching and mentoring and opportunities to earn Community Service credits. (please note we are also a certifying org for the President’s Volunteer Service Awards)

Emerging Innovators Program - Summer Session-1

5 Weeks - 4 weeks mandatory class + last 5th week is optional (additional time offered to complete the research paper with mentoring)

Monday to Friday - 9 AM to 3 PM

  • Week 1:  June 17 to 21
  • Week 2: June 24 to 28
  • Week 3: July 01 to 05
  • Week 4: July 08 to 12
  • Week 5: July 15 to 19 (Flexible schedule-remote option also available. This is additional time to complete the research article)

Emerging Innovators Program - Summer Session 2

5 Weeks - 4 weeks mandatory class + last 5th week is optional (additional time offered to complete the research paper with mentoring)

Monday to Friday - 9 AM to 3 PM

  • Week 1: July 22 to 26
  • Week 2: July 29 to August 02
  • Week 3: August 05 to 09
  • Week 4: August 12 to 16
  • Week 5: August 19 to 23 (Flexible schedule-remote option also available. This is additional time to complete the research article)

Charter School Students Registration

If you are from Connecting Waters Charter Schools, please use this link to register.

Fridays - 26 Weeks - Emerging Innovators Program

Fridays 4 PM to 7 PM

Please check above 2019-2020 calendar for exact class dates.

From 09/06/2019 to 04/10/2020

Saturdays -26 Weeks - Emerging Innovators Program

Saturdays 2 PM to 5 PM

Please check above 2019-2020 calendar for exact class dates.

From 09/07/2019 to 04/18/2020

Installment Payment Plan for the 26 Weeks 2019-2020 Program

  • Deposit $500 at registration
  • First Installment by September 7th, 2019 = $500
  • Second Installment by October 5th, 2019 = $500
  • Final Installment by November 9th, 2019 = $500

Installment Payment- Emerging Innovators Program

Please notify us, if you want the Fridays 4 to 7 PM or Saturdays 2 to 5 PM class.

Please check above 2019-2020 calendar for exact class dates.


Emerging Innovators Publication


"I loved the course. I took a biomimicry course at Children’s Innovation Center which taught about sustainability and how we, as innovators, can move forward in society with our practices in the process of manufacturing goods that solve humanity’s problems. Throughout high school, I’ve never learned or heard of biomimicry which shows how unique this class is. My college counselor (who’s been doing her job for almost 20 years now) was also fascinated by my research during this program and said she had never read anything like it. I believe this program can provide an edge for all students to familiarize themselves with the concepts as our society is continually moving forward in technological advancements, but I definitely think it is more beneficial to start earlier on. For me, a high school senior, I wish I knew about Shanti and her program four years ago cause then I could’ve fully utilized her resources and expertise. However, I did enjoy her class still, and it actually shifted my career interests. I’m thankful for Shanti and her aid and availability with any of my questions in the course as well as during the college application process. I’m excited to possibly further my research from what I began at Children’s Innovation Center as I take my next steps into college. “  -  Evelyn, student 12th grade

“I wanted to inform you how much impact your 8 weeks course has on my daughter. She didn't see herself liking computer related field until your program.  She enjoyed it so much and have learnt a great deal that she wrote her college application essay on the work she had done in your course.  Now, she finds herself wanting to learn more about Programing and other interesting technology courses you have to offer. Thank you so much for opening her eyes to this amazing world of technology!  Your programs are truly unique!  She is now getting ready for college, feeling confident, and wanting to major in engineering!” – Fallon, parent of 12th Grader

Resources from our past

Geckboy - The Battle of Fracking

A science fiction based on biomimicry. Read science facts at the end of story.


Pavan Raj Gowda with Dr. Janine Benyus, Founder of Biomimicry


News Article published in Germany’s Deutsche Welle.

(DW is kind of like a German version of NPR. People all over the world read their articles and listen to their radio pieces.)

Read online review: http://www.dw.de/there-will-be-fracking-at-least-in-the-arts/a-16473762

GeckoBoy – The Battle of Fracking – book appeared in the amazon’s bestseller Top 100 List


Other Useful Resources

Additional reading on upcoming innovations

Storage Beyond the Cloud

A new way to store information in molecules could preserve the contents of the New York Public Library in a teaspoon of protein, without energy, for millions of years

By Caitlin McDermott-Murphy, Harvard University Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology - May 1, 2019

This Chemist Is Helping Farmers Replace Synthetic Pesticides With Natural Products

“We discovered that the product we were using wasn’t just able to control the disease; it was able to accelerate the ripening process,” says Rozek. “I now think that the power really is in nature,” she says. “Nature has all the solutions for the problems we are experiencing. All we need to do is understand it.”

by Nicholas Hune-Brown