Online Enrichment Programs

Each of these workshops are 12 classes long. Each session is once a week for 60 minutes.

Tuition Fees Per Workshop = $300 for 12 weeks

(Required 4 to 6 students per batch)

    1. Creative Writing
    2. Public Speaking & Communications
    3. Journalism (Ages 9+)
    4. Chinese Language
    5. SCRATCH Programming (Ages 9+)

(More Online Enrichment Programs will be added overtime based on the needs. So, please check with us often)


Creative Writing:

  1. Learn the best practices for creative writing
  2. Record your ideas and imagination using the art of English Language.
  3. Discover the meanings and pronunciations of unknown English words.

Public Speaking and Communications:

  1. Learn the best practices and types of public speaking
  2. Develop your confidence and speaking skills.
  3. Improve your writing skills and specialize in speech writing.
Click on image to listen to this podcast recorded by a 11 year old student.

Journalism (For Ages 9+)

  1. Learn Analytical Reasoning
  2. Learn the fundamentals of reporting, data gathering, and journalistic ethics.
  3. Train to keep personal opinions and biases from seeping into your reporting and create news reports and stories.

Chinese Language

  1. Learn to speak, read and write Mandarin for children aged 5 to 13.
  2. Lessons will incorporate stories, rhymes and songs, and pictorial aides to help with understanding Chinese Culture and the Language
  3. Customized lessons to ensure students enjoy the educational benefits of language immersion.
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SCRATCH Programming (For Ages 9+)

  1. Dive into programming logic with Scratch, a learning environment developed by MIT.
  2. You’ll use block-coding to gain a strong foundation in computational thinking
  3. Create animated stories and games

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