ONLINE Research Program - For Accelerated Learners in High School

Requirement: Student must be self-motivated and be interested in learning, especially science. Must be curious to learn new areas, follow instructions diligently, participate in all discussions/activities and complete all tasks on-time.

**Student must pass the phone interview to be selected for this online program


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Emerging Innovators Research Program - Accelerated Online Course

Description: Emerging Innovators research program focuses on equipping High School students with the knowledge and skills needed to design human-centric solutions using whole system design thinking process and write their conceptual scientific solutions in the form of a university level research article.

The Online Course assumes that students are capable of:

  1. Out of the box thinking
  2. Curious about the world around them
  3. Enjoy solving problems
  4. Learn by exploring and asking questions
  5. Aspire to contribute positively to humanity and this planet

With the above assumptions, the online course will start with the Analytical Thinking lessons and activities to build exploration, observation, and questioning skills. We will then transition to the advanced level-STEM-Plus portion of our Emerging Innovators Program..

  • The Online Class will meet via ZOOM once or twice a week for 8 to 10 weeks at the scheduled time.
  • Attendance is mandatory. There will be about 1 to 2 hours of homework initially and then about 5 to 6 hours of homework per week, as we progress through the program in-order to complete the research and writing.
  • We will use online shared documents, which will be reviewed by the instructor and feedback will be given in-between the live classes.
  • The program activities will enable student to explore, and identify their own topics. The final research topic will be aligned with the student's career / academic aspirations.
  • Students should aim to complete this program in about 8 to 10 weeks

Instructor & Mentor: 

Shanti Balaraman who will be teaching and mentoring this program has more that 20+ years corporate experience. She's been involved in human-centric solutions and the whole system design thinking for more than a decade and she wrote this curriculum. Over the years, she has taught professionals the innovation methodologies and as a parent was very keen since then to bring this knowledge to children.

Please Note: Only fully completed research articles that meets the required quality will be eligible for publication. The instructor will make every effort to provide timely feedback/suggestions and will continuously mentor the student through their research. However, it depends on the student, how they utilize this opportunity. 

Are you ready to take this accelerated course? Are you determined to work-hard and complete the research and the article to the expected quality?

Questions? (510) 894-1497  -  - Please always provide your phone number with your email, and remember to add our email address to your contacts. Sometimes, emails could go to the SPAM folder, so please remember to check and move the emails to your inbox.

Ready to Proceed? Register using the link below. The online live class times will be scheduled based on mutually convenient times. The full payment is required before the first class.

Online Research Program 1:1 Class

The fees is $2275 for the 1:1 program. It includes the following:

  • 32 hours (2 hours x 16 sessions) of live online sessions
  • 10 hours of offline time for reviewing the assignments and providing feedback on the shared online documents – from design drawings to writing.
  • Publication of Research Article if it meets the expected quality
  • A chance to write a "Research Reflections" blog if the student is interested, which will also be published

The Purpose of Research Reflections Blog:

Reflection is a process where students describe their learning, how it changed, and how it might relate to future learning experiences. It is a skill that often goes undervalued in classrooms. However, reflection is an important practice for students to make sense of and grow from a learning experience, and it is a practice that would benefit students tremendously. Practicing reflective writing helps with college and beyond.


Emerging Innovators Research Publications

Online Science Journal focused on human-centric solutions.

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