Pedophiles in Hollywood

A mother is accompanying their child to casting calls. She found out her child made the part! She is delighted for them. They continue applying for various roles and her kid becomes a star. Several years later the media finds out this star is going through drug abuse and needs rehab. Why? Because they are handling ways to cope with the constant sexual assault and molestation they encounter on a regular basis.

Sadly, this is an extremely typical story that several celebrities experience. Many stars have reportedly been molested or sexually assaulted by someone on the set, in the studio or on a fashion shoot. The pervasiveness of pedophiles in Hollywood is the reason why almost every former child star falls into a void of despair.

Several Hollywood moguls were convicted of numerous cases of provocative misconduct; in addition to – investigations of Pedophile gatherings and events (like parties or child rape rings) as well as cults. There furthermore have been due to the secrecy of this particular act, many parents and children are oblivious to the dangers of whatever enterprise they are trying to implore. This leaves many children subject to sexual assault or molestation.This is what happened to Cory Fieldman and Amanda Bynes.

There are many ways Hollywood practices pedophilia – from on the set to photo shoots to sex cults and to parties. Not long ago R Kelly has been in the news for an alleged sex cult. Many of his victims recall being starved, unallowed to go to the bathroom, and forced to sleep with other men or other victims in the household. Moreover, Bryan Singer was accused of taking part in a child rape ring.

Pedophilia additionally demonstrates excruciating impacts on a childs life. Several parents contribute to the pedophile dilemma by forcing their children into these modeling or acting gigs to collect their income; perhaps while even having knowledge of the establishment’s questionable past. Many of the former child stars you see that have mental issues are most likely coping with past molestation or rape.

To neutralize the situation, many of these executives use grooming tactics to develop a false persona. A hierarchy will purchase gifts, pay for travel, and more to gain the trust of an adolescent; conveying the idea that they owe the person. A Beverly Hills Investigator states “ The first thing they tell the kids if they threaten to go public is “who is going to believe you? Especially after you were the one who kept coming back to ME”.

In fact, nobody has the power and authority to get rid of these molesters. Many celebrities don’t speak up about their encounters because it will ruin their career; along with media attempted to carry out pedophilia as a mental illness and sexual orientation in an effort to eradicate the negative presence around pedophilia.

What we can do is spread awareness. Everyone should be aware of the potential consequences while pursuing a career in acting, modeling or music. Without spreading awareness, these criminals will undoubtedly prolong pedophilia and expand it throughout the world. Decreasing pedophilia will make a safer world for ourselves and those around us.

About the Author:

Isabella Thurmond is an incoming senior in high-school. She enjoys binge watching fresh prince of bel-air and wants to become a software engineer in the near future.