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STEM SPARK: Basics of Electrical and Electronic Design - For Ages 9 to 14

             Today’s virtual world demands the need of technological proficiency to be infused in younger minds at their earliest stage of education. It is important to foster children’s mind with a primitive dose of technical knowledge to become a future scientific contributor.
               This course entitled STEM SPARK, ignites younger minds to explore and learn the concepts of Electrical and Electronics design in an easier way. It enables children to understand the basics of electricity, magnetic fields, components in electronics design, and step by step approach to apply the concepts in building simple circuits.
               This course is meant for all young minds who have a passion towards technology and are enthusiastic in exploring the world of electronics.

STEM SPARK – Curriculum Framework

  • STEM Spark is a specially designed for upper elementary / middle school STEM curriculum curated by subject matter experts for teaching the basics of electronics to kids.
  • This course includes hands-on DIY activities using both real-time bread boards and Tinker CAD simulated environment.
  • This course helps them to understand the basic concepts of electronics circuit design using components, wiring diagrams, switches, and LED’s.
  • The outcome of this curriculum helps them to thrive and develop necessary 21st century-based STEM skills that incorporates teamwork, creativity and problem solving.
# Lesson Title Learning Objectives
1 Electricity and Voltage What are electronics, electricity? What is voltage and how to measure it?
2 Current and Resistance What is current and Resistance? Relation using Ohm’s Law.
3 Electronic components Introduction to basic RLC components. How to calculate the components values?
4 Introduction to circuits Wiring, breadboard, resistors, wiring diagrams and LED
5 Introducing Ohm’s Law On-hands circuits designing to prove Ohm’s Law
6 Circuit design using bread board Introduce concepts of Switches- open and closed circuits
7 Circuit design using bread board Introduce series and parallel circuit and its purpose.
8 Introducing Tinker cad Simulation of electronic circuits and design
9 Tinker CAD -DIY Project 1 On-hands circuits designing using Tinker cad software
10 Tinker CAD -DIY Project 2 On-hands circuits designing using Tinker cad software

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