Science & Engineering Programs


STEM Courses

Science, Engineering, and Technology combined interdisciplinary courses

Biological Science & Biotechnology Courses

Encourages Science Exploration & Innovation. Fosters natural curiosity to investigate

Coding Academy

Year-round program which builds Software Skills and Project Development Skills

Computer Science Camps

Weekly Computer Science Camps offered during Spring / Summer / Winter breaks

STEM Courses: Emphasis is placed on combining science, engineering and technology. Students gain an inter-disciplinary learning experience.

Biological Science & Biotechnology: Fosters the students natural curiosity to investigate! The camps and workshops helps the students to explore and learn the current trends in natural science and biotechnology. It unleashes the young scientist in every child!

Coding Academy: Children's Innovation Center is partnering with Silicon Valley 4 U for the Computer Science Programs.

  1. Students select courses from the catalog to pursue their software skills development.
  2. Students will progress to create real-time software solutions with the guidance of mentors/trainers.
  3. Students have the opportunity to place their applications on SwatStore Marketplace, that caters to real-world customers.
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