STEM Courses

Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics

Emphasis is placed on combining science, engineering and technology. 

Students gain an inter-disciplinary learning experience.

STEM Course Details

Building Robotic Hand

Students will explore anatomy and biomechanics of human hand. They will build Robotic Fingers and visualize data in MS Excel to generate new ideas for improving it’s performance.

Building machines that emulate humans  -  Emphasis is placed on combining science, engineering and  

Student activities:

  • Take on the role of electrical, mechanical and software engineers and data scientists.
  • Study the anatomy and biomechanics of the human hand to aid in building a model robotic hand.
  • Build a sensor glove for controlling the robotic hand.
  • Analyze sensor data to inform testing and modifying the robotic hand.
    Students propose new ideas and findings
  • Live data visualization from student-built models using MS Excel Data Streamer Add-in.

Upcoming STEM (Interdisciplinary) workshops

Electrical Energy to Communicate

Students will learn how to use electrical energy in communications. Exploring the original Morse code invention with a modern IoT computational twist.

Coming Soon...

Understanding Earthquakes

Students build a seismograph to visualize earthquake data and explore modern engineering techniques used to mitigate earthquake damage. Then, they engage in a MS Excel big data activity to understand plate tectonics.

Coming soon...

Human Impact on Water Quality

Students will build a sensor and use it to measure Electrical Conductivity & determine if water sample was impacted by human activity. Science and Engineering working together to protect precious resources.

Coming soon...

Wind Turbine

First, students will build a wind turbine and mechanically lift a load to measure work and power. Next, with the use of stator and rotor, they will generate electricity (specifically an alternating current). This energy is captured by an Arduino microcontroller and then can be visualized in a customized Excel workbook.

Coming Soon...

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