What is STEM Plus Course?

This advanced interdisciplinary workshop equips the students with knowledge and practice to go beyond the existing subject-matters and prepares them on the path with the ability to make new scientific and engineering discoveries,


Advanced Level - STEM-Plus Course

Learning to be an Innovator

A unique workshop that teaches the new nature inspired methodologies and principles for Systems/Solutions Design Thinking and the Art of Sustainable Innovation, the much needed “STEM Plus” skill-sets for the 21st century!

Prerequisite: This advanced workshop requires the student complete at least two of our Foundational Courses.

This level of knowledge is currently introduced at graduate level when creativity of an individual is diminished. It is crucial to impart this high-level knowledge to our current Grades 4-12 students so they could tap into their natural curiosity and creativity and become the leaders among the next generation of innovators and change-makers.

Skills gained at the end of Learning to be an Innovator Workshop


Sample of Student Research and Experimentation

Power-lines Fire Terminator (PFT)
Power-lines Fire Terminator (PFT)

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Research Article written by Student

Title: Power-lines Fire Terminator

Author: Amita Gowda, Grade 7

Publication Date: 11/03/2018

Abstract: The purpose of this research article is to design an original solution for an observation of an issue. My observation was on the wild-fires in California and the frequent occurrences of it. When these wild-fires meets our power grid, it turns into electrical fires and causes horrific devastation.

With the current extreme weather conditions and drought in California, it is not possible to completely stop wild-fires, but we could minimize the impact by stopping the wild-fires from becoming electrical fires.

I applied the new nature inspired innovation methodology, called Biomimicry, to research biological models and designed a solution called, Power-lines Fire Terminator (PFT) that would help utility companies to take intelligent and swift actions proactively and avoid future devastation.