What is STEM Plus Course?

This advanced interdisciplinary workshop equips the students with knowledge and practice to go beyond the existing subject-matters and prepares them on the path with the ability to make new scientific and engineering discoveries,


Advanced Level - STEM-Plus Course

Learning to be an Innovator

A unique workshop that teaches the new nature inspired methodologies and principles for Systems/Solutions Design Thinking and the Art of Sustainable Innovation, the much needed “STEM Plus” skill-sets for the 21st century!

Prerequisite: This advanced workshop requires the students to have completed at least one of our Foundational Courses. However, to be successful in this course we highly recommend completing all of our STEAM Foundational Courses

This level of knowledge is currently introduced at graduate level when creativity of an individual is diminished. It is crucial to impart this high-level knowledge to our current Middle/High School students so they could tap into their natural curiosity and creativity and become the leaders among the next generation of innovators and change-makers.


  • Students learn and practice "Whole System Design Thinking" which is a skill that could be mentioned in their resume
  • The published Research Article could also be mentioned under “Publications” section of the resume
  • Students Research Work could be used for their High-School Senior Research/Capstone Project
  • The published Research Article could be mentioned in their college applications especially it adds weight for Science, Engineering, and Business majors
  • The Instructor, who is also a STEM/Research mentor, could give additional letter of recommendation in the college application.
  • Students could present their Research Article in various conferences and events, and even participate in national design challenges such as the Biomimicry Youth Design Challenge
  • Builds various soft skills as students go through this program
  • Students who wish to pursue further, are eligible to join our Youth Leadership Program that would offer leadership coaching and mentoring for aspiring leaders who would like to implement solutions at school and/or local community.  These student led projects create opportunities for other students and community to volunteer and earn Community Service credits. (please note we are also a certifying org for the President’s Volunteer Service Awards)

Skills gained at the end of Learning to be an Innovator Workshop


Sample of Student Research and Experimentation

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Students' Research Articles...Proceed to be inspired!