Student News Article: People Violate Rules by Jumping over the Fence

News Article: People Violate Rules by Jumping over the Fence at Shorty Garcia Park in Union City, California

In March, when stay at home restrictions came into effect, all the city resources in the country including parks and playgrounds were shut down. Cities made sure to put up warning signs and locked up the gates, so it is not accessible by the general public.

For people living near Shorty Garcia Park, that was a welcome decision by the city since it is very hard to enforce social distancing in soccer or hockey or any other sports that is practiced by students in that playground. It is quite understandable that during physical activities like playing soccer, it is hard to breathe freely when people wear masks.

The park has not had many activities for a few months, but of late, the local community is seeing teams gathering there to practice even when the gates of the park are closed. They jump over the fence to do that. They also litter all over the place and make it unhygienic.

How can we fix this problem? First, we can make a group so people in this group can take turns to monitor the park. Second, it is better to be responsible citizens and try to do our part in breaking the chain of spreading the disease knowingly or unknowingly by wearing masks and maintaining social distance wherever possible. If the people obey all these rules, we can successfully stop the spreading of the coronavirus.

**News Article written during the Journalism summer online class**

About the Author: Aditya Tantravahi is in 4th grade and he would like to help in stopping the coronavirus disease.