Youth Leadership Program

Exclusive opportunities for the students who have completed all 4 STEAM Foundational workshops at the Children’s Innovation Center.

We tailor and individualize the program to help build the story for your college and career.

Our Program Goal: Build and enhance individual leadership and team collaboration skills.

Our Coaching Approach:

Meet once a month for a minimum of 12 months, and coach students through the following steps:

    • Passion to Action mapping
    • Execution Plan Development
    • On Demand guidance to address specific constraints & hurdles
    • Execution tactics improvisation
    • Leadership Skills improvement

** Answers to common questions about the Youth Leadership Program**

  1. Best time to join this program is at the end of 8th grade / beginning of 9th grade.
  2. Later high school years are still okay to join, and we will work with the student understanding the time crunch, and ensure maximum benefit from program.
  3. The skills and activities will be aligned with the student's career and college goals, and so will be appropriate for use in the college applications and resume.

Our Fees:

  • 12 coaching sessions at $75 per session = $900 per year - to be paid upfront, and 12 months commitment to the program is required
  • If additional sessions are needed the cost is $75 per session.

Our Youth Led Projects involve the local community and school, and so creates volunteering opportunities for volunteers to participate and contribute.

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Offer the Green Kids Now, non-profit organization platform for the  leadership opportunities, along with opportunities to gain community service credits for activities implementation:

Here are some examples of opportunities that have been previously implemented. New ideas for programs are always welcome and will be encouraged.

  • Youth led and organized community service events
  • Journalist/Reporter to produce Podcast and YouTube Channel segments on Topics that impact humanity and the environment
  • Youth Public Speaker
  • Lead School Green Club / Environmental Club – Green Star School Awards Program
  • Individual or team project poster presentations at conferences, etc. (Conference registration fees, and other costs such as printing are not included)
  • Participation in competitions such as Global Design Challenge, etc.
  • Internships

Please check with our staff for student eligibility

Qualified students must register in-person only.

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