Youth Leadership Program

Exclusive opportunities for the students who have completed at least 4 workshops at the Children’s Innovation Center.

We tailor and individualize the program to help build the story for your college and career.

Our Program Goal: Build and enhance individual leadership and team collaboration skills.

Our Coaching Approach:

  1. Meet once a month for a minimum of 12 months, and coach students through the following steps:
    • Passion to Action mapping
    • Execution Plan Development
    • On Demand guidance to address specific constraints & hurdles
    • Execution tactics improvisation
    • Leadership Skills improvement

2. Offer the Green Kids Now, non-profit organization platform with the following leadership opportunities along with community service credits:

  • Youth led and organized community service events
  • Journalist/Reporter to produce Podcast and YouTube Channel segments on Topics that impact humanity and the environment
  • Youth Public Speaker
  • Lead School Green Club / Environmental Club – Green Star School Awards Program
  • Individual or team project poster presentations at conferences, etc. (Conference registration fees, and other costs such as printing are not included)
  • Participation in competitions such as Global Design Challenge, etc.
  • Internships

Our Fees:

  • 12 coaching sessions at $75 per session = $900 per year - to be paid upfront, and 12 months commitment to the program is required
  • If additional sessions are needed the cost is $75 per session.

Please check with our staff before registration

Qualified students approved by our staff, please proceed to registration