Green Kids Now, Inc. DBA: Children’s Innovation Center

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Our Mission: Our mission is to help kids take the path of innovation by utilizing STEM areas (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), while being responsible and caring towards our planet.

Our Vision: Our vision for the next three years is in four parts. First, through the Academic Success for K-8 program we will ensure students learn and build strong academic foundation in the core subjects. The pedagogical approach would be to teach by making connections to the student’s real world.

Second, through Enrichment Programs teach & help develop many soft skills, build mental ability in critical thinking, logical thinking, communication skills, nurture curiosity and creativity, articulation, expression, and ultimately student confidence.

Third, through our Emerging Coders program prepare students with the much-needed software development & technology skills. This is a long-term path to build real-world CS skills & prepare students for college & beyond.

Finally, our Emerging Innovators Research Program for High School students, focuses on equipping High School students with the knowledge & skills needed to develop & design Human-Centric Solutions and write their conceptual scientific solutions in the form of a university level Research Article.

Preparing students who would make this world a better place for all!

“Environmental etiquette is the new norm for innovation” – Pavan Raj Gowda, Founder-Green Kids Now.

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"The 3 New R’s for Our Path Forward" - click image to read blog by, Pavan Raj Gowda

Founder of Green Kids Now, Inc. - Pavan Raj Gowda


Shanti Balaraman: President & CEO

Shanti Balaraman is an accomplished IT professional, Cyber-Security and Environmental Sustainability champion, with more than 20 years of Corporate experience.

Shanti is passionate about Transformative Education in K-12 education system, with a clear vision on how to prepare students beyond their classroom, with the skillsets they need to be successful in the 21st century. She is a pioneer in nature-inspired innovations and whole-system design thinking. She is dedicated to helping kids become “responsible” innovators, leaders, and citizens.

(2022-2024) Ms. Shanti Balaraman, is the President of Stanford University Chapter of Sigma Xi - The Scientific Research Honor Society. She is devoted to the promotion of research in science and helps students build the skills needed to conduct scientific research and develop innovative solutions to solve real-world problems.

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