Children’s Innovation Center is a non-profit organization which brings transformative education and experience to students through advanced workshops, seminars, and opportunities. Our courses offer experiential and project-based learning with focus on social responsibility and is customized for the age groups –  Elementary, Middle School, and High School students.

All our programs and courses are after-school activities.

  • Evening / weekend programs
  • Camps during spring/summer/winter school breaks

Homework Help & Tutoring:  from credentialed and experienced teachers for K-6, Grades 7 to 8, and Grades 9 to 12 for all subjects including AP subjects.

K-8 After-School Program:  We offer after-school care which includes lunch/snacks/drinks, homework help, additional academic development, activities to foster curiosity and build knowledge in science, engineering, arts, social skills, etc., focusing on holistic child development and skills building for the 21st century, 

As Albert Einstein stated, “Education Is Not the Learning of Facts, But the Training of the Mind to Think,” our programs and teaching methods at Children’s Innovation Center are developed to train kids how to think and rekindle their intellectual curiosity.

Children's Innovation Center offers wide range of year-round after-school courses, Spring/Summer Camps and Extended Care services.

Here’s our Program Categories:

  • Computer Science and Programming Courses (Grades 4 to 12)
  • Science & Engineering Interdisciplinary Courses (Grades 6 to 12)
  • STEAM Transformative Education Courses (Grades 6 to 12)
  • RESEARCH - Emerging Innovators Program (Grades 9 to 12)
  • College Planning Services and College Admissions Counselling  (Grades 9 to 12)
  • Youth Leadership Program (Grades 7 to 12)
  • Homework Help and Tutoring for all grade levels and subjects from K-12
  • After-School Care and Enrichment Programs for Grades K-8

Summer Camps - 2020

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Emerging Innovators Program - High School Research Program

For Rising 9th to 12th Graders

Learn - Design Human-Centric solutions - Write Research Article - Practice out-of-the-box thinking & Whole-System-Design Thinking

STAND-OUT - Publish your Research Article

Computer Science Camps

  • Web Development - HTML 5 and CSS (Ages 9+)
  • Programming in JavaScript (Ages 9+)
  • SCRATCH Programming (Ages 9+)
  • 3D Modelling & Printing (Ages 9+)
  • Minecraft Camp (Ages 9+)
  • JAVA - AP Computer Science A prep (Ages 13+)

English & Math Enrichment Camps

For Ages 7 to 13

  • Public Speaking, Speech Writing & Math Advancement
  • Creative Writing, Vocabulary building & Math Advancement
  • Scientific Puppetry & Math Advancement
  • Journalism & Math Advancement

K-8 After-School Program

 We offer after-school care which includes lunch/snacks/drinks, homework help, additional academic development, activities to foster curiosity and build knowledge in science, engineering, arts, social skills, etc., focusing on holistic child development and skills building for the 21st century, 

Homework Help and Tutoring

Get help with school work from credentialed and experienced teachers - Book Now for after-school tutoring for all grades K-6, 7-8, 9-12 - in any subject areas, including AP subjects.

STEAM - Transformative Education Courses

These courses are taught using the Transformative Education Framework. 

Level 1: Foundational Courses:

STEAM Foundational Courses builds students' curiosity, questioning skills, observation skills, research skills, and human-centric-solutions design thinking.

  • Digital Storytelling 
  • Analytical Writing 
  • Public Speaking & Communications
  • Naturalist Designer

Level 2: STEM-Plus: Learning to be an Innovator - Advanced Course

It focuses on learning Sustainable Innovation methodology, and prepares students on the path to make their own scientific and engineering discoveries. Students apply the new methodologies to create sustainable solutions to the problems we are facing today.

prerequisite: Students must complete at least two foundational courses.

College-Prep: Research Program, Counselling and Admissions

We offer Research Program & College Planning and Counselling Services

Emerging Innovators Program-RESEARCH PROGRAM:

Emerging Innovators is a one year after-school program that focuses on equipping High School students with the skills needed to develop Human-Centric Solutions Designs and write their solutions in the form of a university level Research Article.

(Note: This program over the summer would have different format, such as 5 weeks full-day camps, Mon to Fri from 9 AM to 3 PM.)

AP courses & High School Subjects Tutoring:

  • AP Subjects and High School subjects 1:1 or 2:1 tutoring for all subjects offered

College Planning Services & College Admissions Counselling

  • 1:1 College Planning Services- helps to utilize high-school years effectively and aligns the time and efforts with student's passion, academic goals, and career aspirations.
  • 1:1 College Admissions Counselling  - helps the student step-by-step through the entire college applications process.

Computer Science & After-School Programs

We offer many enrichment courses, academic tutoring, and after-school programs:

Emerging Coders Program:

  • In-person software programming courses for students ages 8 to 18.
  • Project-based software programming/coding courses to build proficiency in developing software solutions using Python, Java, C++, AI/ML, Data Science, and much more.

Homework Help & Tutoring:

Year-round 1:1 or 2:1 tutoring and homework help for all grades K to 12 and any subjects.

After-school Programs for K to 8:

We offer after-school care which includes lunch/snacks/drinks, homework help, additional academic development, activities to foster curiosity and build knowledge in science, engineering, arts, social skills, etc., focusing on holistic child development and skills building for the 21st century, 

Emerging Innovators Program - Research Program

Boost Your College Application


Get Your Research Article Published!

Learn - Design Human-centric solutions - Write Research Article - Practice out-of-the-box thinking & Whole-System-Design Thinking

Summer 2020 - Emerging Innovators Research Program

For rising 9 to 12 graders in Fall 2020

Two sessions offered:

Session 1: 4 weeks - June 15, 2020 to July 10, 2020

Session 2: 4 weeks - July 13, 2020 to August 7, 2020

Emerging Coders Program

In-person software programming courses for students ages 9 to 18.

Project-based software programming/coding courses to build proficiency in developing software solutions using Python, Java, JavaScript, Mobile App Development, Web Development, C++, AI/ML, Data Science, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, and much more...

Samples of Students' Projects from STEAM Transformative Education Courses

Proceed to be inspired...

Seminar: Are you Ready for the Next Wave of Innovation?

What will drive the future economic growth? What are the fields that would create new market trends? Want to stay ahead of the curve...Join this seminar to find out more.

Our unique value proposition:

Many kids are unable to make observations around themselves and turn the problems around them into ideas and opportunities. At Children’s Innovation Center we rekindle student’s curiosity, show kids how to make observations, conduct research, apply their acquired knowledge and skills, so students could confidently take on real-life problems and create sustainable solutions. In this process students are able to identify their own passion and potential, even gain knowledge about basic economics and market functions.

At Children's Innovation Center, we probe into the child’s interests, teach them methods and tools to formulate ideas and pursue potential opportunities. Children would gain confidence and courage to REACH FOR THEIR STAR!

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Youth Leadership Program

Exclusive Youth Leadership Program for students of Children's Innovation Center who have met the pre-reqs. 

Youth Leadership Program - We tailor and individualize the program to help build the story for your college and career path.


Community Service Opportunities - We're a certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Awards.

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College Planning Services & College Admissions Counselling


"I loved the course. I took a biomimicry course at Children’s Innovation Center which taught about sustainability and how we, as innovators, can move forward in society with our practices in the process of manufacturing goods that solve humanity’s problems. Throughout high school, I’ve never learned or heard of biomimicry which shows how unique this class is. My college counselor (who’s been doing her job for almost 20 years now) was also fascinated by my research during this program and said she had never read anything like it. I believe this program can provide an edge for all students to familiarize themselves with the concepts as our society is continually moving forward in technological advancements, but I definitely think it is more beneficial to start earlier on. For me, a high school senior, I wish I knew about Shanti and her program four years ago cause then I could’ve fully utilized her resources and expertise. However, I did enjoy her class still, and it actually shifted my career interests. I’m thankful for Shanti and her aid and availability with any of my questions in the course as well as during the college application process. I’m excited to possibly further my research from what I began at Children’s Innovation Center as I take my next steps into college. “  -  Evelyn, student 12th grade

“I wanted to inform you how much impact your 8 weeks course has on my daughter. She didn't see herself liking computer related field until your program.  She enjoyed it so much and have learnt a great deal that she wrote her college application essay on the work she had done in your course.  Now, she finds herself wanting to learn more about Programing and other interesting technology courses you have to offer. Thank you so much for opening her eyes to this amazing world of technology!  Your programs are truly unique!  She is now getting ready for college, feeling confident, and wanting to major in engineering!” – Fallon, parent of 12th Grader

"Thank you for a well thought-out camp this summer. My daughter enjoyed an enriching environment and learned a variety of soft-skills which are not easy to acquire from elsewhere. I enjoyed watching her ideas come live through animation and design. As a parent, the camp gave me an opportunity to see the immense potential of the kids that was being kindled every day. The program was especially helpful in slowly getting the kids out of their comfort zone of doing things their text books or teachers told them. As the program progressed, I could see how it helped enhance the strengths of each individual child. I hope more and more kids can take advantage of this wonderful program." - Vidya, parent of 8th grader

"This camp was unique, as it taught us more life-skills than any other summer camp, I've attended. It showed us the importance of thinking out of the box, observing, and asking questions about nature. I especially enjoyed the digital storytelling course, analytical writer course, and the public speaking course, which had us exploring multiple topics from our daily lives. " - Shreya, student Grade 8 

"Children's Innovation Center is a very helpful program that helped me with the skills that i need such as public speaking and writing blogs. I wrote a blog for the first time at Children's Innovation Center within only 2 days, which also surprised my parents!" - Jack, student Grade 10 

"I had an amazing time at Children's Innovation Center during the summer. I enjoyed the class structure as it really was a cool environment to be in and I also made some new friends too. The thing I liked most was the digital storytelling program. It was fun to learn about a new subject and being able to create an informative presentation about it. Ms. Shanti is a really good teacher and I would highly recommend other kids take her courses." - Arianna, student Grade 8

"I always look for good programs to keep my kids busy over the summer. Children's Innovation Center was the perfect place for my daughter. Shanti's program did not disappoint. My child enjoyed the course curriculum and projects that were assigned. She really felt comfortable with the place and it turned out to be a really great learning experience along with an awesome environment. Thank you Shanti!" - AJ, parent of 8th grader.


Cyber Security Awareness

This seminar provides an overview of the threats in the Cyber Space, types of cyber-attacks, risks, and mitigations. Content appropriate for K-12 students. Aimed at equipping students with the ability to distinguish dangers and make safer choices, promote responsibility and good citizenship in Cyber Space.

"The 3 New R’s for Our Path Forward" - click image to read blog by, Pavan Raj Gowda

A Center Focused on Sustainable Innovation

Learn Sustainable Innovation @ Children's Innovation Center
Learn Sustainable Innovation @ Children's Innovation Center
Join us in our efforts to create an Environmentally Sustainable world, which has a balance between Societal Needs, Economic Growth, and Environmental Sustainability.

Green Champ Award

Do you know any student less than 17 years who have demonstrated environmental  stewardship and leadership? Nominate your student for the Green Champ Award.


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