Our suggested pathway:

  1. College Planning Service - to help with the preparations from late 8th grade/early 9th grade onward
  2. College Admissions Counselling -  Starting from 11th grade to help step-by-step through the college applications process

We offer private 1:1 College Planning Service:

The college planning session helps students to utilize the high-school years effectively and align their time and efforts with their passion and career aspirations.

The best time to have this plan created is end of 8th grade / early 9th grade. But, we are here to help even if you missed it in 9th grade.

Note: We offer advisory service for 7th graders to help get started. It is too early to create a full plan in 7th grade. (The fees is $200 for this advisory services)

Students who have used this plan have found the later college applications process to be less stressful and felt well prepared.

College Planning  Services:

Our Planning Process:

  1. Family meeting with parents and student
  2. Identifying student’s passion, strengths, and career aspirations
  3. Mapping to academic goals, personal and skills development

***FREE First 30 mins Consultation***

College Planning Services Fees = $1000

  • Creating Individualized College Plan- It takes a minimum of 3 to 4 hours for the process.
    • Service Deliverable:
      We will provide a spreadsheet with the full individualized plan from academics to extracurricular activities, covering all aspects needed for the college applications process.
  • Up to six follow-up guidance/advisory calls or in-person meetings - which can be used anytime until the middle of Junior year. (i.e. until end of December of the Junior year-Grade 11).
    • Service Deliverable:
      Follow-up meetings helps student with the implementation of the plan and also offers guidance for any changes that needs to be considered from academics to extra-curricular activities.

We offer private 1:1 College Admissions Counselling:

Our packages offers 1:1 college admissions assistance and will take your student step-by-step through the admissions process, offering personalized guidance, which includes:

  • Resume Writing
  • Offer guidance to students for obtaining Letters of Recommendations from teachers and counselor
  • Create a customized college list of recommended “best fit” colleges
  • Brainstorm essay topics selection
  • Editing essays multiple times via emails, till the essays are polished and ready to use
  • Admissions Interview prep
  • Application review before submission are done remotely

Student 1:1 meetings are scheduled as follows: (Grade 11 to 12)

  • April-May: Meet once a month to understand student's academic interests in major and extra curricular
  • June: Meet twice a month to brainstorm essay ideas, topics
  • July-January: meeting once a month + one phone consultation per month till apps are done.
  • March-April: meet once a month to finalize college selection

College Admissions Counselling - Package One

UCs + CSUs


(Fees to be paid in full upfront-no exceptions)

College Admissions Counselling - Package Two

UCs + CSUs + up to 3 colleges either Common App or Coalition App


(Fees to be paid in full upfront-no exceptions)

College Admissions Counselling - Package Three

UCs + CSUs + up to 5 colleges either Common App or Coalition App


(Fees to be paid in full upfront-no exceptions)