Research Ambassador Program


Research Ambassador Program

Goal:   Research Ambassadors are young scholars who have conducted research using advanced scientific methodologies and are interested in promoting research among their peers and broader community

These scholars have proven their ability to abstract new ideas and strategies from the natural world, convert their insights into applied science, and use those discoveries to design solutions to the real-world problems.

Responsibilities: The main responsibility of a Research Ambassador is to promote the Emerging Innovators Research Program and the opportunities it offers to the broader community and school.

This can take the form of:

  • Sharing information about the study and research experience at school clubs and members of the public
  • Organize activities that promote scientific investigation and innovation with the public/peers
  • Support and advice fellow student researchers
  • Submit short reports for each activity organized throughout the academic year and two short end-of-semester reports to CIC

Term: Research Ambassador terms are for one or two academic years and can be renewed.

Benefits of Being a Research Ambassador:

  • Enhance communication and leadership skills
  • Earn volunteering hours for the efforts to promote scientific research and investigation
  • Get a Letter of recommendation, submitted directly in the college application
  • Opportunity to inspire others by sharing how you took these research skills to the next level and pursued higher opportunities

Please Note:

  • This is a leadership opportunity for individuals who can work individually at their school/local community with guidance from Ms. Shanti Balaraman on an as-needed basis.
  • Student selection is based on prior research experience and the responses to the questionnaire in the application
  • Individuals will set their own time commitments
  • Volunteering hours will be offered based on the report submitted end of the semester

Submit application to become a Research Ambassador

We are evaluating applications on a rolling basis, so please fill it out at your earliest convenience and email it to us.