Why do some people have to do more labor than others?

Have you ever wondered why some people have to go through more hard work and labor than others? Is it because they are less fortunate or unlucky? Neither of these are true, as there is no such thing as bad luck or karma here. No one is born poor and in worse conditions because of those reasons; the true reason is humanity’s greed and selfishness. Mostly poor people have to work harder, because of the inconvenient and horrible conditions that they are forced to live in.

According to Greg Kaufmann from “The Nation”, the Poor People’s Campaign was launched in 1968 and sparked a moral revival for poor people. It was led by Martin Luther King Jr. and tried to serve economic justice to everyone. Unfortunately, this was the only major event of moral revival and did not gain much thought from our society. These poor people are forced to live and survive in these conditions, because of the world around them. The cause to this horrible situation is humanity’s neglect for equality and selfishness for oneself.

Many people are against the topic of true equality, mainly due to the chaos it may create if established in our society. True equality is when everyone has the same rights and peace ensues throughout the world, but that is impossible. There would always be an envious or pitiless person, who would take more resources than they need and be greedy in doing so. Eventually, only one hierarchy would survive and the rest would tear each other apart for money, resources and a better life. This idea has been ridiculed for a long time and cannot be the solution to moral revival.

A possible solution would be to direct taxes from the citizens of the rich society towards poor people and start fundraisers for these less fortunate people. By doing this, we can keep the other cities functioning and also give the rural cities more resources to develop with. We could also help the poor areas become developed and still keep order in our society. For example, we could help the poorer areas rise to a better state of life. We can set the poor cities into a cycle of development like the rest of the world, except that they would always be a few steps behind.

In conclusion, we can preserve order and prevent chaos in our society, by giving the poor people a chance to develop and serving them economic justice. We can give them donations and resources to grow and still keep the rest of society functioning. By showing pity on the less fortunate, we can give them a hope to dwell on and a better state of life to live in. This is the only way we can enact moral revival in our society and still keep everyone in check.

 About The Author:

Vineel Kamani is currently a rising sophomore at American High School. He likes to draw chibi characters and read Webtoon comics in his free time.