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You probably remember that one day where you were so happy in school and you thought nothing could go wrong, when someone approaches you and starts bullying you. Many researchers say the over 20 countries show how common bullying is in school and aren’t surprise when they see half of the students are bullies or victims, but we can start doing something to change this. To stop having so many bullies.

Kids bully for many reasons, but some reasons are that they want dominance over that person to show that they are stronger or in control. Another reason could be that they find fun in hurting someone else when they are hurting as well, maybe from their environment at home. Something like an abusive parent or depression can cause a student to bully others. But if we start the Random Act of Kindness we can help bullies see the bright side.

Random Act of Kindness is when you do something kind out of nowhere to cheer someone up or to make them happy. When you cheer up someone or make someone happy it produces certain chemical in our brain to feel this way. Dopamine, Serotonin, and Endorphins. Dopamine is a chemical used by nerves to send messages to let us feel motivation when achieving a goal. When you feel self-doubt it’s because your brain is low on dopamine. Having your big goal broken down to smaller one can produce dopamine more often. Serotonin is what controls our mood, memory, sleep, health, and digestion. Happy thoughts or past goals that were achieved increase serotonin. Random act of kindness increases more serotonin. Endorphins activate the areas that are social interaction and trust, it also reduces anxiety, stress, and depression. You can have people feel these chemicals by showing kindness. The best thing about  kindness is that it can be taught.

Some kids who get bullied often get scared to tell a teacher of what happened. Best way is to gently ask them what happened and if they want to talk about it, but you don’t want to say let’s talk to the principal or teacher because that is what the kid is afraid about. After the talk the bully may go after them again. Kids also have a possibility of having an anti-social behavior from being bullied so often. But be sure to try to get the kid to tell you about any bullying they’re going through.

Please continue to try and do your best in making someone happy because that will go a long way in your life too. If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world need more of that. Smiles are also contagious so if you have the chance to smile, smile because it can make other people smile as well.

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Daphne Mae Hu, Grade 8