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In the developing field of journalism, people are constantly questioning, why journalism is needed. It may be true that sometimes media isn’t always accurate, but it is important to think about how journalism influences our everyday lives.

Journalism is the concept of conveying reports on the interaction of events, facts, and ideas to write to newspapers articles, magazines, or to news websites to prepare reports to be broadcasted. Journalism is spread of ideas through a wide variety of media such as radio and other telecasts. History, culture, and social issues are three main factors in journalism. Journalists are responsible for the spreading of current ideas/issues while doing an investigation on the topic. Journalists must get information fast, but that information must also be accurate, so they do not mislead the audience. They also must make sure the sources are knowledgeable. Something journalists must keep in mind is that they must seek the truth even when it is difficult. They get their information from a variety of sources to make sure their knowledge is correct. It is important that the news journalists give to the public is accurate, otherwise it could result in a bad reputation for media. They must do thorough research and studies on that concept.

In my opinion, journalism is an important factor in our everyday lives. Reporters keep us updated to let us know what really is going on in our society and our world. Being a journalist has many advantages. To begin with, being a journalist lets you build upon your knowledge on your writing and editing skills at an advanced level. But you need a lot of responsibility and capability of handling such tasks. There are also a couple drawbacks of journalism. Sometimes when information isn’t always accurate journalists can drive the people who are watching the news in a wrong direction. They need to be very precise and exact when it comes to public broadcasting. Journalists also risk their lives to produce news to the public. They have a risk of death or an injury if they are in dangerous locations. Journalists work extraordinarily long hours researching stories and gathering information. This can sometimes lead them to stress. Reporters must work quickly and efficiently with limited time. You may not even realize how much media is doing to give us news. People continue to argue it is not necessary for media updates and broadcasting, but as I said earlier, it is one of the key factors in our daily lives. Information is vital for human growth and development. How else are we supposed to keep in touch with our society?

Stop thinking negatively about journalism and understand how journalists are trying to help people keep in contact with what’s going on with our world. Knowledge is important to all of humanity. Appreciate media’s hard work and the effort journalists put into giving us information. So, the next time you come across a news channel think of how the people are trying to help you.

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Devi Sanjana Koripilli. Grade 7. FUSD