Emerging Coders Program

1:1 ONLINE Computer Programming courses for Students ages 9 to 18. (Grade 4 to Grade 12)

Emerging Coders Program is a year-round program to build proficiency in Software Development.  

  • Private individualized 1:1 live online class.
  • Each class is one hour. We recommend at least one class per week.
  • The program runs from first week of September to first week of June (summer schedules will vary)

Our customized curriculum is taught ONLINE 1:1 LIVE by our experienced teachers and elites from Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of Southern California, Santa Clara University, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Merced, Cal State LA, San Jose State University, San Diego State University, and CSU-East Bay.

With our student first approach, emphasis on quality, and instilling good learning / coding habits, every student will have the opportunity to unleash their own potential and talent in software development.


Hands-On Project Based Learning

Emerging Coders Program Fees & Course List

***** There is NO sibling discount *****

CANCELLATION POLICY: 30 days written(email) notification is required before the date of cancellation.

DEPOSIT (aka. the INITIAL SETUP FEES): A mandatory deposit is required during registration. This deposit will be used later as your last month payment. 

Tuition = $50 per hour for the following three courses

SCRATCH (12 Classes)

  • Block coding for beginner to intermediate level

PYTHON (32 Classes)

  • Python - Beginner to Intermediate level 
  • Variables, I/O, Arithmetic/Logical Operations, Conditionals, Loops/Nested, Lists, Functions,  Formatting,  File Handling, Turtle

Web Development (32 Classes)

  • HTML 5, CSS
  • JavaScript - Beginner Level

Tuition = $66 per hour for the following three courses (marked with asterisk)

* JAVASCRIPT (20 Classes)

  • * Intermediate to Advanced level 
  • * Object Oriented Programming
       - Classes/Objects
       - Incorporating JSON objects
       - Multi-dimensional Arrays
       - Project

* AP CS A - Prep (32 Classes)

  • *  JAVA
    • Variables, Operators, Objects 
    • Boolean Expressions and if Statements
    • Loops, Classes, Array, ArrayList, 2D Array 
    • Inheritance, Recursion

* AP CS-Principles - Prep (20 Classes)

  • * JavaScript Pseudocode and Algorithm
  • * Data and Number Systems, Internet and Computer Operations, Cyber Security
  • We highly recommend completing our Python, HTML/CSS and JavaScript advanced courses


1:1 Data Science in Python for Grades 9 to 12

Pre-requisites: Required Python coding at intermediate level (variables, loops, conditionals, functions. lists) and Math-Algebra II preferred 

Description: As our world becomes more and more digital, the amount of data collected and stored is increasing at an exponential rate. Therefore, companies in all sectors of our economy will require more data scientists/analysts to help draw conclusions and insights from data. This 20–25-week data science course will help student to grasp the fundamental and practical data science concepts and join the data revolution!

In this course student will gain the following skills:

  • Using Python to clean and manipulate tabular datasets
  • Visualizing data in Python
  • Using statistics to validate a hypothesis
  • Implement, Interpret and Evaluate Linear Machine Learning Models

*** This course will be taught by a professional Data Analyst, who had also graduated from UC Berkeley with Data Science Major ***

Mandatory Tuition Deposit = $375 (covers the 30 days cancellation notice and it will be used as the last month tuition payment)

Tuition: $375 per month x 5 Installments (Auto-payment 30 days apart)

Timeframe: Once a week. Each class is 60 minutes. Total course period is 20 to 25 classes (based on student's pace of learning)

Limited Seats ONLY 


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