Emerging Coders Program

In-person Computer Science and Programming courses for Students ages 9 to 18.

This program has long-term goals to build proficiency in Software Development and Student's Profile/Resume.

Students progress through this program once a week and are able to customize based on their interests and abilities, from the various options offered.

Project-based software programming/coding courses to build proficiency in developing software solutions using SCRATCH, Python, Java, JavaScript, Mobile App Development, Web Development, C++, AI/ML, Data Science, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, and much more...

  • Students learn in small groups  OR  2:1  OR  1:1  with an expert trainer.
  • Students are mentored for participating in Hackathons / Competitions.
Our teaching framework utilizes various techniques which ensures strong understanding of the subject matter and builds very strong foundation.

Emerging Coders Program runs from September to June every year- it follows the school calendar of FUSD and their school breaks.

Tuition Fees paid monthly: 

  • Group Class Tuition fees: $50 per week - Once a week, 2 hours per class -Total 4 weeks = $200
  • 2:1 Class Tuition fees: $70 per week - Once a week, 1.5 hours per class - Total 4 weeks = $280
  • 1:1 Class Tuition fees: $80 per week - Once a week, 1.5 hours per class - Total 4 weeks = $320

Year-round Coding Classes. Enrolling for the following times:

  • Saturday & Sunday: Saturday 10:00 AM to 12 Noon  (Started on Sept 07, 2019)
  • New batches and times can be started year-round based on interests and enrollments.

Ready to Register? Contact us:

Phone: 510-894-1497    Email: info@ChildrensInnovationCenter.org

(Please provide your cell number when you email us. As emails could end up in SPAM folders, we need alternate ways of communication.)