Emerging Coders Program

1:1 ONLINE Computer Programming courses (Grade 4+)

Emerging Coders Program is a year-round program to build proficiency in Software Development.  

  • Private individualized 1:1 live online class.
  • Each class is one hour, once a week.
  • The program runs from first week of September to first week of June (summer schedules will vary)

Our customized curriculum is taught ONLINE 1:1 LIVE by our experienced teachers and elites from Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of Southern California, Santa Clara University, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Merced, Cal State LA, San Jose State University, San Diego State University, and CSU-East Bay.

With our student first approach, emphasis on quality, and instilling good learning / coding habits, every student will have the opportunity to unleash their own potential and talent in software development.


Hands-On Project Based Learning

***** There is NO sibling discount *****

CANCELLATION POLICY: 30 days written(email) notification is required before the date of cancellation.

DEPOSIT (aka. the INITIAL SETUP FEES): A mandatory deposit is required during registration. This deposit will be used later as your last month payment. 

Tuition = $50 per hour for the following three courses

SCRATCH (12 Classes)

  • Block coding for beginner to intermediate level

PYTHON (32 Classes)

  • Python - Beginner to Intermediate level 
  • Variables, I/O, Arithmetic/Logical Operations, Conditionals, Loops/Nested, Lists, Functions,  Formatting,  File Handling, Turtle

Web Development (32 Classes)

  • HTML 5, CSS (12 classes)
  • JavaScript (20 classes)

Have Questions? Contact us:

Phone/Text: 510-894-1497    Email: info@ChildrensInnovationCenter.org

(Please provide your cell number when you email us. As emails could end up in SPAM folders, we need alternate ways of communication.)

Photos from our past in-person group classes