Full / Partial Scholarship Applications Open until 02/28/24

Scholarship Application for Capstone Research Program - Group Track

Program Duration: March until Aug/Sep 2024

We are excited to announce a new scholarship opportunity for high-performance students from low-income and medium-income backgrounds who are interested in learning and conducting scientific research and developing solutions to real-world problems in their community. The scholarship is offered by the local non-profit Children’s Innovation Center, in partnership with the City of Newark and LLH/LHM Foundation.

The scholarship will allow five teams of students to participate in the Capstone Research Program at the Children’s Innovation Center. Each team should consist of 4 to 6 students from the same high school. One of the teams must come from Newark Memorial High School, while the other four can be from any other schools, preferably from the Tri-City area.

This program will not only boost the student’s college profile, but also offer a transformative experience and build their confidence and skills to conduct in-depth scientific research and become the change-makers in their communities.

Eligible students, please submit your applications according to the scholarship requirements by 02/28/24.


To be considered for scholarship, please email with the following details to info@ChildrensInnovationCenter.org

Email Subject line: Student Full Name - Application for Scholarship – Emerging Innovators Research Capstone Program


  • Minimum GPA 3.4 (Must submit a copy of recent high school transcript)
  • Must be self-driven and determined to complete the full program on-time
  • Must be interested in research, scientific writing, and have passion to solve a real-world problem

Application Fields Required:

  1. Student Full Name
  2. Current Grade and High School Name
  3. Student Cell Phone and Email
  4. Parent/Guardian Full Name
  5. Parent/Guardian Cell Phone and Email
  6. Parent/Guardian Job Title
  7. Parent/Guardian Employer Name
  8. Home address
  9. One School Teacher/Counselor Reference Required:
    • Teacher/Counselor Full Name, contact phone, and email address.
    • We will need to call/email them directly to obtain their recommendation. We do not need a letter from the teacher/counselor.
  1. Total household Income:  less than $100K  /  $100K to $200K  /  Greater than $200K
    • Must provide proof of family income -  submit either a copy of the tax form or recent pay stubs.
  1. Write a short essay (maximum 400 Words) on your career or academic aspirations and how do you think this research program would benefit you?


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