Air Pollution and Its Effects

Air pollution is a world problem and is affecting us in many different ways. It is caused by gas, particles, and liquids that are suspended in the air. Pollution can come from car and truck exhaust, factories, pollen, dust, mold spores, and fires. From those factories, pollutants like methane gas and other types of arsenic gases and metals are released into the air for us to breathe. This topic is important to me because in California, it is clear that our air quality isn’t the best and should be improved.  

Air pollution is affecting not only us but our environments and also our world. The effects are inevitable. It is harming us by harming our immune systems, increasing our risk of cancer, and also hurting those who are already suffering from asthma and other diseases. It can also affect our environment by hurting the animals and also causing acid rain which can affect our plants. This is also taking a part in global warming. The reason for this is the release of greenhouse gases from the factories. It can also depend on natural things, for example, volcano eruption or wild fires. Some current solutions that people have made up to reduce our fossil-fuel dependency is to use cars less so we emit less gases, to switch to electric or plug in cars, and to conserve energy and use less electricity. 

What I think we should do is to try and do all of these things and also try to get the Clean Air Act back into the law. The Clean Air Act is where the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) regulates the emissions of gases into the air. Trump had recently gotten rid of the clean air act which is causing the air to become worse. With trying to put the Clean Air Act back, it can ensure that our air will eventually get better and will also be regulated throughout the years. One other way is to spread the word about air pollution through awareness campaigns and to get influencers or someone in authority, to advocate for air pollution and represent the need for clean air at the policy and decision making levels at large corporations and government.

Overall I think that air pollution is one of the biggest problems in our time. We are breathing toxic air and not many people realize it. We need to take action soon. There are many solutions to help reduce and maybe solve air pollution but it must take all of us to contribute. 

About the Author:

Sydnie is a sophomore at Kennedy High School in Fremont, California. She likes to read and draw in her spare time. She is passionate about coding and has even joined a coding club at her school. She is also part of many other clubs at her school like Interact and NHS(National Honors Society).