What will drive the future economic growth? What are the fields that would create new market trends? Join this seminar to find out more.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Attend this seminar to have your questions answered. Identify the skills that would be needed and be ready to succeed and lead the 21st century!

Speaker: Shanti Balaraman, President & CEO, Children's Innovation Center.

Duration: 90 minutes with Q&A

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  6. Donation Amount $300 to Children's Innovation Center - non-profit

Feedback from prior attendees:

"Truly enlightening! I have been trying to stay up to date on all the developments, but even to me, this information was totally new. The speaker showed short videos to prove and demonstrate how the new trends and the next wave of innovation has already begun. I'm glad I attended this seminar!" - Dennis B, Serial Entrepreneur

"Its awesome presentation! Good walk-through of evolution , and good short videos of applications of new trends" - Mahesh J, Software Engineer at Google

"Mind-boggling presentation to understand next wave of innovation. Excellent expression of the ideas. Must attend for all parents and kids. Ideal and practical way to solve world problems." - Reka S. -Parent

"Excellent! I missed the starting portion of the seminar, but I am looking forward to attending the future events" - Jay M, Sr. BI Architect, at Aarin, Inc.

"Shanti helped me understand so many topics that I wasn't familiar with till now. Her ability to lead and deliver complex topics in simple, notable ways, was truly commendable" - Sudha R, IT Professional

"Very Informative and very enlightening" - Conrad L, Network Engineer (Retd)

"I was able to learn an amazing wealth of information about today's topic! I am on board with what was covered and believe this presentation has to be shared with schools and to parents and children. The thought process, the possibilities, the betterment of our future society is dependent on preparing student's and educators for the new wave of innovation." Carmen P. - Director, PEL Learning Center

"Our world is a better place because of your center. Makes me want to sign up myself and attend your class." - Kenny P. - Director, PEL Learning Center

"Excellent subject matter and presentation. Very impressive! Shanti seems to know the subject and has passion for sure! Good background in the area and connection to the industries. Very practical examples from the real world making it very interesting. Overall excited for the program. Good Luck!" - Kamala R. - Software Engineer

"Great presentation with lot of details. I look forward for my daughter to start it." - Binal S. -Parent

"It was very informative and interesting presentation! There were many topics and fields of technology that I was not aware of and it opened my field of vision for Next Wave of Innovation" - Yongtou. G - 11th grader, Milpitas High School

"Very good, informative, very helpful!...for kids and adults as well. Thank you!!" - Priyanka. N - Salesforce Administrator, Lever, Inc.

"There is lot of great information and forward thinking to absorb! It's unique opportunity for youth to learn and lead new solution." - Surekha. C, Co-Founder, Design Your Careers

"It was very informative, supported with industry examples" - Bhuvoneswari, Parent of 9th Grader in Milipitas High School

"WOW! Very informative presentation! Great examples from various industries. I would highly recommend this seminar for everyone - adults and kids. I wish we had more time to do more Q&A. Overall, very impressed to see all the human-centric innovations coming up! - Christina H. - Parent.

"Very educational. Wonderful credentials and supported with wonderful presentation skills. Very informative with industry examples." - Akhil K. - 9th Grader

"It was really helpful, giving a fresh perspective. Learnt a lot of new terminology." - Kanakaraj S. - Solutions Architect, LinkedIn

"Good Presentation on Technology Waves and the Next Wave of it. I learnt a lot of new topics." - Hean Sin G. - Dell