Coding Course Registration Form and Payment


Emerging Coders Program

***** There is NO sibling discount *****

CANCELLATION POLICY: 30 days written(email) notification is required before the date of cancellation.

DEPOSIT (aka. the INITIAL SETUP FEES): A mandatory deposit is required during registration. This deposit will be used later as your last month payment. 

Tuition = $50 per hour class

  1. STEP ONE: submit the Student Information Form
  2. STEP TWO: use the PayPal link and make the first payment (Deposit + One month Tuition)

Student Information

WEB DEVELOPMENT course tuition payment (32 Classes) - 7 Installment Payments

This is how the 7 installments are made (30 days apart): 

  • 1st Installment = $200 (deposit) + $200
  • 2nd Installment = $200
  • 3rd Installment = $200
  • 4th Installment = $200
  • 5th Installment = $200
  • 6th Installment = $200
  • 7th Installment = $200

Thank you! We will contact you in one or two business days to schedule the classes and the Zoom or Google Meet link will be provided right after the schedule is confirmed.