Transformational Education

An undertaking of Green Kids Now, which is a non-profit foundation, Children’s Innovation Center focuses on transformative experience and education to students of grades 4 to 12. Such transformative learning is imparted by availing of upgraded seminars, right set of circumstances, and workshops.

Courses Offered at Children’s Innovation Center

  • The courses furnished at this venture of Green Kids Now are personalized for Upper Elementary, Middle-School, and High-School students.
  • Education dispensed here is based on projects and real-life experiences with main emphasis given on social responsibilities.
  • In addition to conducive circumstances to enhance the professional expertise of students such as strategic planning, association, rational and analytical thinking; the courses also encompass technology based activities for kids.

Unique Educational Framework for Students’ Activity Progression

  • The students of grades 4 to 12 are imparted with upgraded learning through entertaining and engaging ways.
  • The instructor guided activities would aid the children in exploration of the world, and would further sharpen their observation-making capability.
  • Based on these observations, the students would acquire skills to carry out research.
  • Such researches are conducted to familiarize oneself with the basic cause of a problem, pinpoint the discrepancies and solutions, thereby coming up with various suggestions to get the issues resolved.
  • Post the research work comes the project, and evaluations from the research are put into use for the same.
  • Project Ideation: At most institutions which offer project-based programs, the very first step is ideation that starts with brainstorming sessions. Students can only brainstorm from what they already know, which often results in uncreative projects. Whereas, with programs offered at Children’s Innovation Center, this ideation stage starts after the research phase, and students are equipped with new knowledge and are well-positioned to plan innovative and purposeful projects.
  • Depending upon the courses, the kind of project and the resources needed for its completion may differ accordingly.

When are these Workshops Held?

All the courses and events offered by the Children’s Innovation Center are after school activities for kids:

  • Camps will be organized during spring, summer, or winter school holidays.
  • Classes will be held during weekends or in the evenings.

Youth Leadership Program

The objective of this program is to put up and upgrade group co-operation expertise and individual dominion. However, one has to complete a minimum of four workshops in order to get himself/herself enrolled in this Youth Leadership Program. A minimum commitment of one year is required for this program.

Through this program, students would utilize the Green Kids Now, non-profit organization platform to exercise their leadership, while also gaining community service credits

Relevance of STEM Plus Workshop

  • An innovative workshop for children belonging to grades 4 to 12, the STEM Plus workshop emphasizes on teaching the students ethics and a body of methods for the Art of Sustainable Innovation, and Systems Design Thinking, that are two of the paramount set of expertise required in 21st century. However, for a student to enroll in this workshop, he/she must qualify in minimum two other workshops.
  • Currently such high-grade erudition is being offered at university graduate level, when their creative talent gets dwindled significantly; the need of the hour is to convey this high-grade learning to the students of grades 4 to 12, so that they can tap into their natural curiosities, comprehend and articulate their inherent ingenuity, thereby becoming the next gen pioneers.

Children’s Innovation Center is the sole organization that delves deep into the students’ proclivities, whether non-STEM or STEM, and educate them on various contrivances and methods to generate plans and chase prospective chances.