Lieth’s Research Reflections

During my time working on my research project, I learned a lot, familiarized myself with many computer programs, and learned how to research. The issue I attempted to solve was the reduction of plastic into the ocean by stopping it at the source. This topic is particularly important, and I was very curious and excited to see how I could use science to make a solution.

I had a very pleasant experience with this program and was taught by a great teacher. She helped me develop a theory and guided me through my writing process. During the program I learned how to use paint 3D to create 3D images that could represent parts of my project. Throughout the project I went through challenges such as making sure everything worked together and finding sources for every aspect of the model. I overcame these challenges by working hard and in depth. The last thing the program did for me is that it taught me how to research certain topics which will help me during my time in school. It also helped me become a better writer because I learned how to look for things effectively.

This program will not be the last thing I do that pertains to researching science. In my free time I usually read or watch videos on physics, chemistry, and technology. Science is one of the most interesting topics one can be knowledgeable in. It provides you with new ways of thinking and there are endless things to learn about it. I also plan to go into the medical field when I am older which deals with anatomy and will satisfy my scientifically curious mind.                      Overall my passion for science is immense and it will keep on growing as long as I have the tools needed to cultivate it. Science also helps make the world a better place by coming up with new solutions to solve old problems. Without science the world would not be advancing as fast as it is. I joined this program to see if I could somehow make a small difference in the world. I feel confident that I can now continue to solve real world issues and make this world a better place for all, even after my program has ended. In order for me to do this I must study to reach the maximum of my capability and never lose interest in helping the world become a better place.

About The Author:

Lieth Elbzour is a Junior at High-School. He aspires to become a doctor and continue to make this world a better place for all. He also plays tennis and represents his school at inter school tennis games.